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Telegraph Misses True Story Reprints Green PR instead

Arctic ice is thinner than ever according to new evidence from explorers - Telegraph

Utter tosh - the real and interesting story about this is here.

They didn't expect to find "Frst Year Ice", but if they had looked at the real expert reports on the internet, from the comfort of home, before they went they would have found a map showing where the "First Year Ice" was. Just where they were going. So either they are stupid or .....

(And if you want to really measure the thickness of the ice trudging around isn't the way to do it, you dial into what the remote sensors and satellites are telling us, and you don't even need to get chilly.)


They found what they wanted to find. Properly conducted scientific study wasn't a component of the Catlin expedition.

The Telegraph is pretty much beneath contempt on global "warming".

And on a few other things too.

(e.g. too many froth stories, too many celebrity stories, FAR too much "fashion", and the truly awful Mary Riddell)

The Tele has been going downhill ever since they fired Conrad Black's wife.

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