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Jack Straw at The Ministry of Truth


Are we allowed to say..........

"Fuck Off Straw, you lying bastard!

Just wondering.

Sorry, this is perhaps 'off topic', but you may want to keep an eye on this EU mucking about with internet 'packaging':


I'm sorry, Anna R says the Jeff Rense EU internet warning is a bit over the top and she is looking into it all as we speak. I'm going to go grub out a red elm stump with two neighbors, All The Elder Tractors, and plus two Icelandic ponies (just in case!)

Straw is such a bloke! Yeah sure he is. Oh yeah, Strawman is a man of "the people". Ha! ha! Straw is nothing more than an anti-English bigot and liar!

Jack Straw says the English had used their "propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland".

Firstly, idiot Straw needs stop waffling out of his winking eye! The Normans invaded Wales and Ireland, not the English. Scotland? The scottish invaded England more than vice versa so who cares about their whining.

Yes Straw the castles in wales are Norman castles. Why is that you ask. The Normans built them you ignorant arsehole. Robert the Bruce was not scottish, he was Norman! Oh I am sure you know all this. You deliberately say "the English" instead of Norman because you want to mislead people. In other words, you're an anti-English wanker! As for you becoming prime minister...aha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Even if you weren't anti-English you have the personality of a walking corpse. PM? Not a chance.

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