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Global Warming slowing - its all our fault

Global warming 'slowed by pollution' - Telegraph

The first study found that the hole in the ozone layer, caused by the use of CFCs, has prevented the melting of Antarctica even as the rest of the world warms.
A separate study found that plants absorb more carbon dioxide under polluted skies, therefore slowing global warming.
Scientists said the findings made it even more important to cut carbon emissions in the future...

Get ready for more "The dog ate my homework" excuses....


It is all just an excuse to tax us. Madness.

So... reducing atmospheric pollution in the form of particulate matter is good (OK, I can agree) except it is bad because it encourages plants to take more CO2 from the atmosphere which is not a good thing (Uh, well...) because it must be humans who decrease CO2 (Oh. Why is that again? So we can't have temps such as those that drove the [Roman] Empire?), not nature...

Ow, my head hurts. Do a good thing, and it makes things worse. Do something bad, and it makes things worse. Do nothing, and things get worse anyway. And no matter what, we must increase taxes because "citizens" are not making as much money so taxes must be raised to get even the same amount never mind needing to pay MPs ever more in ever more ways.

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