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Churchill on St George's Day

"We ought not on these occasions to allow our thoughts to exalt England at the expense of our fellow countrymen in these islands. But there are a few things I will venture to say to you about England. They are spoken in no invidious sense. Here, it never occurs to anyone that the banks would close their doors on their depositors; here it never occurs to anyone to question the fairness of the courts of law and justice; here no one would dream of persecuting his fellow subject, man or woman, on account of their race or religion; here, everyone, except the criminals, looks upon the policeman as the friend and servant of the public; here we provide for poverty and misfortune with more compassion, and more substantial provision, in spite of all our burdens, than any other great country; here we assert the rights of the citizen against the state; or criticise the government of the day, without failing in our duty to the crown. This England, this mighty London in which we are gathered is still the financial centre of the world. From the Admiralty building, half a mile away, orders can be sent to a fleet, which though much smaller than it used to be, or that it ought to be is still unsurpassed on the seas..."

Hat-Tip CentreRight: St. George's Day: Labour have squandered what Churchill fought to defend


How depressingly dated this text seems! How many of our liberties and expectations have been entirely undermined by this government - our belief in our banks, the fairness of our justice system, our expectations of liberty,our confidence in the police, our capacity to support the poor, our freedom to campaign against the governing party, our leadership of the financial world, our freedom of religion, our strength on the seas.

About the only constant is that more than 80% of the UK's tax is pad by the English!

My thought too but remember that it is the British government, not an English government, that has done most of the damage and has not yet finished with enslaving and indoctrinating us.

Those that remain in England are the pussies. All the real Englishmen left long ago.

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