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You Will Obey Orders

More speed cameras planned for UK roads - Telegraph

Drivers are facing more points and more fines for motoring offences as the Government plans to introduce more cameras on Britain's roads.
The speed limit on A-roads are set to be reduced to 50mph in an attempt to cut the number of road deaths by a third while drivers also face limits of 20mph on residential roads and near schools.
As part of a 10-year strategy to make Britain's roads "the safest in the world", the "time over distance" cameras that measure a car's average speed over many miles are also set to be introduced en masse.

All for safety, not revenue, we are told, so why?

Careless driving on the other hand, which is currently punishable with a maximum fine of £2,500, will be downgraded to a £60 fixed penalty.

Actually doing something dangerous the penalty will be a slapped wrist; ignoring the diktats of the government regardless of circumstances, ruinous punishment. Says it all doesn't it.


On a slightly more positive note, failing to have a numberplate on your vehicle incurs a £60 fine and no points. As you have no number plate and there are precious few traffic cops on the roads these days, the chances of you incurring that fine are slim! Anyone want to guess how long it will be before failing to display a numberplate incurs 6 points!?

Obviously, if roads were restricted to use by "public transport" and government (fire, police, chauffered MPs, etc) they would be "safer" and so these are steps to that eventual marvelous result. Yes, even lessening potential punishment for "dangerous driving" - which will encourage such behaviour, thus more "accidents," calls for removing "dangerous" private vehicles...

Then, calls for communal government-run dining halls to replace restaurants and dangerous home kitchens and make sure everyone ingests the correct, saltless and fatless, tasteless foods.

Followed by Council bath houses, to cut down on the number of bathtub incidents.

Actually, I think the idea of 20mph in residential streets - especially near schools - is a damn good one. I live in a fairly down-trodden and poor area of Edinburgh, and am amazed at the reckless and aggressive speed that some of the younger chavs demonstrate frequently on the residential street outside my window. In Canada, 30km/hour is the statutory speed limit in residential streets, which is actually less than 20mph. And this speed limit has cut down on stupid, ignorant yobbos. I whole-heartedly agree with the lower speed limits, but I whole-heartedly disagree with the increased camera surveillance. How much money does it cost the Governments at various levels to buy the cameras, install the cameras, maintain the cameras, build and maintain the camera control centres, and man the centres where low-paid and uneducated employees look at the many screens? What a huge waste of money. All that money could be better spent by putting more police personnel out on the beat - it would also be more effective. This Government has its priorities amazingly wrong - the idea that throwing more money at a problem is going to fix the problem is ludicrous, ignorant and stupid; I mean, just look at the mess that education is in with that idiot Balls at the presnet helm. Ah well, it keeps all the Quangoes and consultants happy with more money in their pockets from the trough.

Doesn't apply to the British region of Scotland of course.

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