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And turn the lights out on your way out

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign...

H/t Sue 11 am Sat


Do not leave. Stay and fight. If my Tory Party screws up I will be as angry as I am now. FIGHT!

"If my Tory Party screws up I will be as angry as I am now."

You know, Oldrigtie, when I read this:

"It's all about net gain now," said one Conservative strategist. "There is no point in focussing on immigration, Europe and other traditional right-wing areas as it will no longer attract voters as they are already on side. But it might put some voters off." from this;


...then I fear that your hope might just be extreme optimism rather than a realistic expectation.

I want to be wrong. I'd love to be wrong. I don't think I'm wrong.

And I AM being taken for granted.

Signatories now up to 10,000. If a million sign up it will be serious embarrassment for Number 10.

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