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Passport Ban for Silly People

Woman who changed her name to Pudsey Bear refused passport - Telegraph

The Identity & Passport Service, which addressed her as 'Mrs Bear', told her in a letter: "It is deemed to be a frivolous change of name, which would bring IPS into disrepute. It could also pose problems for you at border control in some countries.

"IPS is not questioning the validity of the deed poll, however, it is not prepared to issue a passport in a frivolous name which could compromise our mission statement 'safeguarding your identity'."

Bring the IPS into disrepute?, oh get her! If she has changed her name legally then she has changed her name. Full stop. It is none of the civil servants' business as to how stupid the name is. But then they forget they are servants and believe they are the masters now.


If you read the previous stories about her you would see that the change of name was a publicity stunt for ukdp.co.uk and she was planning on changing the name back to her original name once the story passed.

In my opinion the taxpayer shouldn't be paying for this so the IPS made the right decision.

I doubt the IPS would have refused a name change to Osama bin Laden. Changing it to Gordon Brown is however grounds for sectioning. Slightly off thread but how many people would need to change their names to Jacqui Smith to make the ID card system even more unworkable?

Re: John.

How is the taxpayer paying for it? She changed her name by deed poll so is legally known by that new name.

If she wants to get a passport in that new name then she needs to pay for a new passport - the exhorbitant cost of which is covered by the individual and not the taxpayer.

The fact is that, regardless of future intentions, she is legally called Mrs Pudsey Bear - she should therefore be issued with a passport in that name regardless of what the Government thinks.

Trying hauling up in line at Gatwick with "Bodwyn Wook" all over everything and then hauling out your "Emmett Smith" works...gives the bastards complete fits!

Ahh, how about Canin Banana - (some government functionary in Zimbabawe under Muguabe). Come to Africa if you want to hear some funny names.

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