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Gurkha Justice

Gurkha Justice Campaign
Signatures so far: 190898 at 07:00 BST on Wednesday 29 April 2009.
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Justice for Gurkhas petition - Telegraph...the Home Office last week issued fresh criteria for allowing Gurkhas into the UK, but set the bar for entry so high that campaigners say that only a few hundred veterans will ever qualify.
Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, has claimed that giving free access to all former Gurkhas and their families could mean as many as 100,000 people moving to Britain.

And so what?


Thanks from the colonies for remembering the Gurkha services to the Crown. They posted their colors from Hong Kong to the Falkland Islands which is more than I remember was done by Jamaicans or Mohammedans who have flooded the UK. PM Brown has been told: there is no problem in rewarding the loyal.

What sort of justice is it when where I live drunks drug addicts and whatever are being housed and paid the highest rate of DLA by the Government for SELF INFLICTED INJURY also not one of them has, or is contributing anything to the Country apart from milking it off taxpayers money,it does not stop them, it just encourages them to continue using drugs, and drink with the money handed to them on a plate, for nothing in return.I could go on and on. But could someone explain to me how this is British Justice, when the Gurkhas are being treated so badly, by the Government and Country they have put their lives on the line for, time and time again,one has just been killed in Afghanistan today whilst these lowlife are treated better. SHAME ON YOU POLITICIANS I will never ever vote for any of them,none of them are not worth it they are all the same .You just have to watch the Parliament TV ,they act like out of control children ,then again what should we expect we have let them get away with it for years,Time for change.

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