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Swine Flu - Round up the usual prejudices

And after much effort, Man created swine flu | Ben Macintyre - Times Online

Factory farming, blah blah clah - not a jot of evidence I can see - the problem is as he says when "animals exist alongside crowded human habitations, the potential for disaster is vastly greater. "


I very much fear that the last four words of the title are correct - but in a laboratory, not a factory farm.
Follow the money: who stands to gain most from Tamiflu sales? D. Rumsfeld for one.

I have been checking on this swine flu tracking website http://www.swine-flu-tracker.com/ on and off for the last couple of days now and its kinda scary seeing how it this strain of flu is spreading.

The problem is that nowhere I know of does factory farming exist alongside crowded human habitations.

On the other hand there are plenty of crowded human habitations with pigs and birds and other animals. These tend to be poor places that can't afford the startup costs of factory farming.

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