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Gaoled on an unexplained whim?

Otis Ferry cleared of witness intimidation charges - Telegraph

On Thursday, Ferry was cleared of the witness intimidation charges, which had seen him locked up for four months, after the prosecution said it was offering no evidence on both counts.
Prosecutor Kerry Barker told Gloucester Crown Court: "I don't intend to explain in a public court why those instructing me took the decision they took.
"The reasons why are not a matter that is or should be in the public domain."

Lock him up for four months and then offer no evidence and refuse to explain? Lovely world isn't it.


He got jail because they decided he would, never mind justice, due process and all that other inconvenient stuff.

Remember, people who murder others often get let out on bail, so this was a deliberate act, not an unexplained whim.

That all said, fox hunting with dogs is a perversion of the lowest kind, people should learn to shoot properly if they want to hunt.

The reasons why are not a matter that is or should be in the public domain. Why should it not be in the public domain???

What, pray, is a "hunt monitor"?

I can't imagine that they mean he lifted some electronics from some sort of moored cut-down battleship.

or were those ghastly wimmin some kind of Interior Ministry Troops? I think we ought to be told.

At the very least, the weasel could expose who those, "instructing me" are.

I think we should be told.

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