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Brown losing it but winning according to the BBC

Gordon Brown has lost it, say ministers - Telegraph
The Prime Minister was forced to surrender in his battle to reform MPs’ expenses yesterday

BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs back allowances reform plans
The government has won a series of votes on planned MPs' expenses reforms

The Brown Broadcasting Company....


I kid you not - this happened yesterday.

On a story on my site I phoned the BBC Edinburgh office and was put through to the newsroom.

ME: I am running a story on how the Minister for Public Health lied on a press release she sent out on Tuesday saying Scotland led the world in a health discipline. I have documentary evidence that she is lying, are you interested.

BBC: Did we run the story.

ME: No, I checked your site and there is nothing.

BBC: Well if we never ran it we can't run a correction

ME: No, you don't get it. The story is not the press release the story is that the Minister lied in the press release and I have the documentary evidence. It is top notch research backed by professors on both sides of the atlantic.

BBC: That's twice you have said that the Minister lied. How do you know what she was briefed. You just cannot say she lied.

ME: You don't understand. The quote she made in the press release is not the truth. Scotland does not lead the way. I have documentary evidence which I reckon would stand up in court saying that without going worldwide. Scotland is in fact last in the UK. Northern Ireland, England and Wales are ahead of them. I actually have the evidence backed by Research. Scotland doesn't lead the way. She lied in her quote on the press release.

BBC: That's three times. Ministers say what they are advised to by their officials.

ME: Since when was the BBC paid to deflect criticism of Scottish Ministers?

BBC: Click.

Unfortunately I never got his name, just newsroom.

The above is not word for word but it is the truthful jist of the very short conversation.


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