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Home Schooling - in danger of suffering 'significant harm'.

Mother stopped from homeschooling handicapped daughter due to child neglect law - Telegraph

Rotherham Council's social services department, backed by the school, say that Elysha could be suffering isolation and missing the company of children by being kept at home.
A Rotherham Council spokeswoman said she was unable to comment on individual cases but said : "In general the authority would always recommend that children receive a better all round learning experience from attending school."

There doesn't seem to be any other suggestion that the poor little mite is "in danger of suffering 'significant harm' as the law they have used says, just that they can't believe a Mother knows better than they do.


I for one cheer the home-schooling mother on. The socialized school systems do not educate but rather indoctrinate into the phylosophy of socialism.

I defied the compulsory laws here in the US back in the sixties and home-schooled mine then.

In the past year I have written many articles relative to the un-desirability of so called, "public" schools on my blog site, octogenariansblog.com

Anne Cleveland

This is apparently an attempt to establish a precedent so as to block all home schooling.

I hope it backfires as the parents show other schools incapable of providing properly for someone with little/no mobility, no use of hands, a feeding tube (tricky things, those, need special training to keep them clean let be actually utilize) etc.

Uh, about the US state's compulsory ed mentioned by Ms. Cleveland, it does not rule out homeschooling but only requires some "formal" course of instruction. Most places require standardized tests (the same ones given in government schools), some require a license (which amounts to little more than filling out an application, not even a fee), etc.

It's a totalitarian system that makes me feel sick at heart.

teqjack - when ms Cleveland homeschooled her children, back in the sixties, it WAS compulsory for children to attend school in the USA. In the sixties, homeschooling parents met with imprisonment in some cases.

I fully intend to homeschool my children, but here in Western Australia they actually encourage it ! Long history of school of the air, etc...

They won't win - the law in the UK is quite clear !!

Yikes. Not a good sign.

First they came for the children...

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