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Speed Cameras Piggy Bank Broken

Fewer speed camera fines as police lose right to cash - Times Online

There was a big fall in the number of speed-camera penalties after police and local authorities lost the right to keep the proceeds.

The drop came in the same year that road deaths fell to their lowest level since records began, undermining claims that an increase in cameras improves road safety.

The drop in fines suggests that police chiefs decided to put fewer resources into speed enforcement when they stopped being able to recover the costs of installing and operating cameras. Many camera housings are being left empty and some forces have reduced their use of camera vans.

Ministers admitted in 2005 that allowing police to keep some of the money created a perception among drivers that cameras were being used to raise revenue, not just to save lives.

Funny how we had that perception, "incentives matter" I can hear a Worstall mutter.


So: take away the financial incentive, and altruism suffers?

Funny, that.

Not for the first time we have Minister's ignoring public opinion and, of course, statistics. We all knew that speed cameras were a money making machine and that, based on their own figures, they could not claim that these cameras improved safety. Road traffic laws can and should be enforced, but cameras take a snapshot, rather than look at the full circumstances, I would sooner take my chances with a traffic cop. Also, in my humble view, it is irresponsible speed that causes accidents, not just speeding.

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