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Anne Ashworth - Landlord and Property Feckwit

New rules needed to stop rental sector spiralling out of control - Anne Ashworth, Property Editor -Times Online

The private rented sector is a cottage industry, with a vast and growing customer base.
Most of the operators are small-time players, owning one or two properties. Many of these amateur landlords regard their portfolios of flats as long-term investments and are mindful of their responsibilities and the need for high standards of service.
Fortunately, few can be described as “Rachmanite”, that is, guilty of the violent practices of Peter Rachman, the notorious West London slum landlord of the late 1950s. But a considerable number of rental properties are in a deplorable state of repair. And trouble can lurk even in impeccably decorated apartments with the latest kitchens....
tenants are becoming increasingly discontented with arrangements that force them to disclose financial information to a prospective landlord, while receiving none in return.
Professor Julie Rugg, of the University of York, who was commissioned by the Government to devise rental accommodation reforms, highlighted the diversity of the customer base which ranges from international bankers to asylum seekers, from students to young professionals.
In her report, released last year, Professor Rugg recommended: a “light-touch licensing system” for landlords; VAT relief, stamp duty and other tax breaks to encourage the refurbishment of substandard properties; and a new complaints procedure for tenants.
Although last month’s Budget did not contain any tax concessions, the Government is implementing the licensing proposal.
Responsible landlords will probably view the licensing scheme as yet more paperwork. We should always remember that letting out properties can be a thankless task. Landlords will, however, accept the system provided that it is effective...

Anne Ashworth, you and "your more rules are needed" friends can go screw yourselves. You outline that there are few problems, you outline that the recommendation was for a licence in return for tax breaks, you outline that all we are getting is a cumbersome prodnose intervention, and you even point out the pilot project in Scotland is a pile of crap. The costs and the reduction in rented property will hurt the tenants. But you still are for it. But then some people just like rules and ruling.

Whenever I come across one of them I comfort myself by thumbing through my well worn copy of British Standard EN40-2:2004 and calculating if the load capacity on the bracket will be acceptable or not...


A mate of mine has a flat he lets out. Up until recently he had a tenant. The tenant wasn't paying the rent, had run up massive bills, and was known to the police for having done this before - under another name.

Could he get rid of her?

Could he fuck.

It seems to me (having been a landlord myself) that the rights are on the side of the tenant, however odious they may be, and the responsibilities are on the side of the landlord, whether they choose to be responsible or not.

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