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Another Fine Mess

Fast fines scheme 'a failure' as 15,000 go unpaid - Scotsman.com News

Statistics given to Ms Mitchell by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill showed penalties worth £3.7 million were imposed by prosecutors last year as an alternative to court action. Of this total, £1.3m had been collected, £1.2m was being paid in agreed instalments and the other £1.2m was in arrears.
No payments at all had been made in 14,741 fines, or 41 per cent of the total, while a further 4,769, or 13 per cent, were in arrears. More than 57,000 warning letters had been sent out. Ms Mitchell said: "These figures are an absolute disgrace. It is surely bad enough that 54 per cent of fiscal fines, or 19,510, remain either unpaid or only partly paid, but the real revelation is the shambolic administration of these fines."

The breakdown of Law and Order. The system is being laughed at; I'm sure nice middle class people pay up but everyone else is just sticking two fingers up at a fine obsessed system. Fewer laws properly applied is what is needed.


Just garnish the little scrotes' benefits at fifty quid a week. If that means they don't have enough left over for Special Brew and kebabs then too bad.

Not for the first time in history, we have our Government committing the British people to one thing and then doing little of nothing whilst other countries retreat into an isolationist regime. Take carbon emissions, state subsidies to private companies and now this. One rule for us and one for everyone else. I though the British government was there to represent the British people, not to place us at a disadvantage simply to claim some for of moral rectitude.

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