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Jackboots Smith Doesn't Get It

DNA profiles of innocent to be kept for 12 years despite European ruling - Telegraph

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: "This well-spun proposal proves that the Home Secretary has yet to learn about the presumption of innocence and value of personal privacy in Britain.

"Wholly innocent people - including children - will have their most intimate details stockpiled for years on a database that will remain massively out of step with the rest of the world. With regret we shall be forced to see her in court once more."

The sooner she is retired to her DNA splattered sofa the better. The Scottish system is there to be copied but that is too simple and doesn't satisfy her urges.


There was a Home Office muppet on the Today programme, he kept talking of people "re-offending" so the need to keep their DNA on file and did not seem to understand that innocent people can't "re-offend".

So how does this new arrangement affect me. When I gave back a parking ticket to a warden a few years back, by placing it on her arm, she said "You've assaulted me". I had 3 coppers in two wailing cars chase me through heavy traffic, spent 7 hours in a police cell without even water, and was then charged with a) assault and b) disturbance in the street (forget the exact charge).

In court I was offered a bargain - pleasd guilty to the 2nd and they will waive the assault charge. Factually, there never was an assault. I made the mistake of accepting the deal in the face of 7 witnesses, most of whom claim to have seen (and heard !) from insted a pub, and my legal aid solicitor suggesting that the trial would be a lottery. This magnificent L.Aid service was good enough to meet me for the first time just AFTER the case came to court. Plenty of time to discuss and decide, huh ? Another scam, done to make you feel safe in the system, before it shafts you.

So, I was ACCUSED of assault on a traffic warden, but case dropped. Does my DNA stay there for 6, or 12 years, or forever ? And based on her lies, I am screened every time there is a rape in say the N E. I live in Sussex.

I have learned why there are always minor charges attached to a major one. The game is not justice, but results, ie convictions, and the choice to waive the main charge is a con. They still get their result.

Such is British "justice" in the 21st century. Not.

Alan Douglas

What's the betting that, when forced by the EU to destroy records and wipe the database they will turn out to have "shared" it with America, so they can always get it back?
Curiously, also, after the revolution when we want to track down members of the ancien regime it will turn out that "for security reasons" there are no records or samples of ex ministers and senior civil servants.

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