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The New BBC Natural Talkinghead

Meet the Pol Pot of conservation - Telegraph
Springwatch, the BBC's fly-on-the-wall nature programme, returns later this month to delight 3.5 million viewers. But this year there will be no Bill Oddie.
His place is being taken by Chris Packham, a fast-talking 48-year-old former children's television presenter who could turn out to be every bit as controversial as his predecessor. ...
...the isolated thatched cottage in Hampshire where Packham spends the rare days when he isn't either staring down a long lens shooting wildlife (in the photographic sense) or talking into a lens to present television programmes...He is now so busy that little time is left for his private life. At least, he can combine work and play with his current partner, Charlotte Corney. She runs the Isle of Wight Zoo, a safe haven for tigers, whose plight is a shared concern. ...The quiet of the New Forest these days upsets him so much that he spends most of his spare time in his home in southwest France...
"Bill is an old hippy; I'm an old punk rocker," says Packham. The spiky hair that lured many non-nature lovers to The Really Wild Show in the Eighties has long been toned down, but the spitting anger of his formative years is still with him, and directed to the cause of preserving wildlife. Among the targets of his rage are politicians, squirrel killers, "eco-fascists who bang on about native species" – and ordinary pet owners.
Cat lovers ... He knows he is in danger of sounding like "the Pol Pot of conservation", but it infuriates him that owners refuse to acknowledge the carnage wrought by these fluffy, domesticated killers. Since New Labour came to power, between a third and two thirds of our cuckoos, swifts, pied and spotted flycatchers, nightingales, turtle doves and wood warblers have vanished from these shores. "Climate change in Africa is affecting the flight paths and nesting areas all over Europe, but Britain has had the worst fall in bird numbers."
He holds politicans, as well as pets, responsible. "I've had enough of arguments in village halls: we need a benign dictatorship."

I never thought I would think bring back Bill Oddie....


'Course the problem with dictatorships is you don't get to choose whether they're benign or not. People who have the abilities to claw their way to the top of the pile typically aren't known for their empathy, that's why we call them 'dictators'.

Got to agree with him about the cats though. Little bastards. Guess that's evolution in action.

"cuckoos, swifts, pied and spotted flycatchers, nightingales, turtle doves and wood warblers" - all common prey for cats!

I can only assume that finally Odd Billie has been sectioned. About time too.

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