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My Crop Circle

Crop Circle Connector Report

This flowery formation had some definite energy to it, especially notable in the small circle I could get to without disturbing the formation. A close direct overhead view would be great to see the wonderfully woven and flowing crop around the central area. The flow of the crop was especially interesting as, in some of the outer downed segments, the crop flowed in three or four directions.
Many of the stems were broken and some severed completely several inches from the ground leaving the stems standing vertically, however many good examples of distinctly bent stems could be found (pictured), many with no signs of physical pressure markings....

Picture galore on the linked pages; plan your sight lines, it is like a tethered goat for bringing hippies into range....


Our rape fields in Scotland are beginning to scent. Yours may be pollinating furiously by now.

Presumably the aliens don't suffer from hay fever.

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