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Lumley steamrollers Woolas - fabulous


Woolas is one of those pushy, cock of the dung heap know it all little men. To get this comeuppance from Lumley was just delicious. It's a pity Brown wasn't shown getting his. The lawyer also put a good word in for the government along the lines that when he sees the final outcome he will believe them.

During the petrol price hikes of last June/July Woolas was the clever little f....r who pointed out that the percentage of tax the government raised on the price of fuel had dropped. This was on a News Night programme. They have made up for it since then.

Hanging is too good for the lot of them. If it weren't so serious the way this government is disintegrating would be amusing. It's just as well they no longer run the Empire otherwise we would have real troubles with the natives.

As most of legislation is forced on us from Brussels with no scutiny from the 'Mother of Parliments', what do all these untaxed allowances pay for?

Isn't it funny how for the first time in 12 years they want to get something right and not create any unintended consequences.

I suppose we should be thankful that they have finally recognised the issue and are dealing with it. Hope they apply it to all their pet projects. That way there will be no more legislation between now and when Gordo is forced to the polls. Kicking, blubbering and screaming.

There was a good comment on one site: Woolas was downed by a Purdy!

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