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£7 Billion to save £3.6 Billion - Miliband's Big Brother Plan

Smart meters for all homes – but families will foot bill - Scotsman.com News
AN INNOVATIVE "smart meter" will be installed in every home in the UK to encourage energy saving, under plans announced yesterday.
The gadgets, which will replace traditional electricity and gas meters, will display how much energy is being used at any one time.
The gadget will also show how much the energy is costing, and a red light will warn if a particularly large amount of gas or electricity are being used.
The UK government's plan to install the devices in all 26 million homes by 2020 was widely welcomed yesterday.
The initiative will be paid for by energy companies – but with the prices expected to be passed on to the consumer.
It is estimated the initiative will cost £7 billion, but ultimately save as much as £3.6 billion by 2020 ....the devices will enable precise information on a household's energy use to be communicated remotely to power companies.
Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said: "The meters most of us have in our homes were designed for a different age, before climate change.

So I will pay through the nose so that Ed, or Ed's successors, can check on how much juice I'm using at any time. I would love to see the red lights flashing as I applied the electrodes to his scrawny chicken-skinned body but otherwise count me out.


When did the "age of climate change" come to pass? That sounds like Balls-speak.

Give me strength.

"It is estimated the initiative will cost £7 billion, but ultimately save as much as £3.6 billion by 2020". That sounds like Brownian economics.

The real concern is: what are they going to do with the information? I don't suppose little boy blue will scrap the silly idea when he gets into power. Our return to Blighty is getting more and more remote.

And who did all the widely welcoming?

I have no doubts that the MPs will get their smart meters on expenses.

Wasn't one of the Lords accused of taking cash involved pushing this bill through after a donation from the company that makes the meters?

I can't see what I gain, if I want to know how much power I have used I read my meter.

If I want to know how much a particular item uses then I either read the label or plug into a cheapo device that will measure voltage, current or KWh.

It's all a con to sell the meters, I bet most people won't look at them again after the novelty has worn off.

There is certainly a hidden agenda here and I waiting for the other shoe to drop. It can't be just simple monitoring. They can do that now. It's something that will give both control and increased taxes.

But the so-called UK government are only following orders.

Never mentioned in these propaganda pieces is that using Smartmeters power companies can diconnect or limit your power supply remotely. See link

"The meters most of us have in our homes were designed for a different age, before climate change. "

Translation: the meters most of us have in our homes were designed for an age when all a meter was expected to was meter. Now that we want to snoop and poke our noses into your business and boss you about at your own expense we need newer technology. As for my own personal energy bills, naturally I will be charging them all to expenses, as allowed in the rules."

And what's this pish about the costs being "expected" to be passed on to consumers? Who else does the think is going to pay for it? Henry Kissinger?

As for his climate change, now that the world is cooling, why do we need all this pointless expense? And £7Bn to save £3Bn, well that's a good project isn't it. Some payback!

Utter idiots.

Odd. What do the current neters measure if not usage?

"... how much energy is being used at any one time."

Oh. Uh, all the meters I have ever seen have dials or other displays constantly updating, which can be watched to see how rapidly they change.

I suppose the new ones will send telemetry constantly to some remote site. Which will have some sort of computer constantly monitoring. That will be some system! And when I get up in the middle of the night to... anyway, turning on a light will be an instantaneous spike of infinite change (from zero to non-zero) so the system will shut my house down for safety, right?

Dear Madam/Sir,

our records show that you are using 7 illegal lightbulbs in your dwelling, using 2x 150w, 3x 100w and 2x 60w. Furthermore, you have been using an illegal airconditioner, an illegal hairdryer(above 400w) and an illegal heating element(2000w).

Your energy consultant has determined that not only are you using to much light altogether for the size of your dwelling, but you also are exceeding your allotted energy by 40% due to your use of unauthorised appliances.

Your ration of energy will be adjusted accordingly, there will be a penalty of a 10% reduction for one year, plus another 10% reduction to restore what you have defrauded the community for(duration 3 years), but also a 20% permanent reduction in your overall ration to adjust for your reduced requirements of energy in the future.

A gadget patrol control officer will be visiting you shortly to collect the above mentioned appliances, the removal fee and penalty comes to £4000, please see attached payment options and contact your local environmental office to take part in the energy reeducation programme, designed to help first time energy offenders like you.

yours faithfully,

The Borg

Ps.: This one has some interesting implications -- woe to those who need their electricity for survival (oxygen generators anyone?), whether it's switched off due to ignorance of the situation or by mistake (ok, molten freezer is no fun either), and securing this meter is a whole lot of other can of worms as well. I forsee many partial bypasses being installed, since the meter man no longer checks anymore too. Has anyone considered a 'stupid idea of the year' competition (maybe we need to go to monthly, or, even weekly... lol).

Crap - am I going to have to go back to university to relearn all of the geology that I studied now that it has been determined that the world's climate was totally stable for billions of years before mankind started burning fossil fuels?

And what of my Master's dissertation (written before these PC days) on how dramatic climatic and apocolyptical events are good for biodiversity as ecosystems tend towards dominant species to the detriment of diversity (not that that is, in itself, a bad thing as it is a natural state of affairs)?

I suppose this means I will have to shut down my marijuana farm in the loft.

Yep, smart meters will at some point in time be used by a government agency (with full rights of entry into your home, using force if necessary of course) to issue on the spot fines - mark my words.

"Well come on folks, if you dont want to save the planet will we have to make you pay" they will cry.

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