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Dr Brain to Nab Flashy Dressers

Police target people wearing too much 'bling' - Telegraph

Gloucestershire Constabulary has launched a campaign urging people to report anyone ... wearing excessive amounts of jewellery, driving expensive cars, or buying luxury items.

The force's Chief Constable, Dr Timothy Brain, said that ostentatious criminals would be easier to spot during the recession.

Adrian Foster, from Gloucestershire Crown Prosecution Service, said: "With the evidence that comes from good intelligence, we are able to restrain all of an individual's cash and bank accounts, their home, vehicles, electrical items and jewellery.
"Then following a successful prosecution we are able to take back the proceeds that they have accumulated from the last six years of crime."

Note the "restrain" all the possessions and then prosecute... Next time I go through Gloucester I better follow the Police Approved Dress Code...


i love these books, because i love freedom and everybody who is trying to keep it for all of us. freedom won and freedom lost is my favorite subject in the whole world. there is nothing i want more than freedom for everyone. i just wanted to point one thing out in support of the current agenda here. the fact still remains that freedom is not truly a tangible item that can be obtained and held in our hands. freedom is not an object. we speak of it as such so that we can describe it to others and persuade and convince people that they want it enough to actually go out and get it. we speak of freedom as some tangible thing so as to make it more real and visible to our leaders as we try to persuade and convince them that they should give it to us and why it is a good thing and not a bad thing and why they should fight for it and why we should fight for it. but just once i would like to point out the fact that it is not an object anyone can own and that in that perspective let us realize the fact that we never won, never owned, never had it. freedom is more of an action that either is or isn't happening at the moment. freedom is something that is happening or isn't happening. it's like the wind. there either is a breeze or their is not a breeze. wind can be blowing lightly and gently or it can by like a hurricane. freedom can be practiced by everybody or one by a few, or by some leaders and not other leaders. each individual determines how much freedom they have and share. each individual determines for themselves how much freedom they are going to freely give to another person. sometimes people have no say or power in this decision. others have plenty of power and say in the matter. what i am pointing out here is that freedom is something we must continually on a minute to minute basis decide whether or not we want it, whether or not we will grant it, whether or not we will do what must be done so that there is freedom in the world around us. people have a tendency to give up their freedoms over time. until life is so harsh that they demand for it to come back. and then it is usually too late and they must die to get it back. only a few wars were ever fought over true freedom. and it was not as glamorous as the movies portray. it was a blood bath, a horror movie for all parties involved. it took several generations just to begin enjoying the freedoms those people perished for. the survivors still haunt us to this day, as do the memories of those who sacrificed their all. we try to forget them, and sometimes try to remember them. everybody's interest in veterans and the ones we call heroes varies. i personally think we need to put up a billion more statues and memorials and plaques and walls and museums reminding us of what it was they fought for and why and who they were and what they lost and sacrificed. we need to be reminded of who the true enemy is. who destroyed Germany? was it the allies, soviets, or was it Hitler and the Germans themselves. who destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was it the Americans, or was the the Japanese Emperor and his generals, and the Japanese army? Who destroyed the Confederate states of America? was it the Union army, or was it the Confederate Army's decision to begin that war in the first place? in fact in the end they killed the only President who cared about rebuilding and sparing the Confederate states after the war. The point i'm trying to make is that we're the enemy. we decide for ourselves whether or not we will be free. we decide who our leaders will be, where we will live, who our friends and family are. we decide to change or to stay. we decide what we eat, drink, and dream. freedom is our choice and is dependent upon our decision but most importantly our actions. freedom is like swimming in the ocean. if we stop swimming, and stop struggling to stay above the water, we will drown. swimming is not something that we can say oh yeah we own it now. the day a swimmer decides he has swam enough, while still in the middle of the ocean, will be the very day that he drowns. if we have lost our freedom, it is because we have stopped swimming. my views might be wrong, i do not wish to sway other's opinions nor bash. i appreciate the opportunity to speak my mind and to read other's perspectives and views as well and respect them all. thank you.

I love paragraphs.

Please look into them.

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