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Plod Recognises Right To Dress Up In Uniform And Ride A Horse

Death knell for hunting ban as police abandon monitoring operations - Times Online

Police forces are to stop monitoring hunts in a change of policy that sounds the death knell for the hunting ban, The Times has learnt.

New guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) states that gathering evidence of illegal hunting is difficult, that the ban is hard to enforce and that chief constables have more pressing priorities.
Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales and the Acpo spokesman on rural affairs, said: “Hunting is definitely not a policing priority. It is not illegal to wear a red coat and ride a horse in a public place.”


More pressing priorities? Baba Martin and the Six hundred and Forty Six Thieves to round up.

A rare outbreak of common sense from Brunstrom!

An outbreak of common sense or has someone being showing Brunstrom a vid of the Queen's Birthday Parade?

He'd probably wet himself in shear terror if he thought he would be asked to arrest a couple of hundred Life Guards.

...and it diverts vital and scarce resources from the police's main priority, to hunt motorists down to extinction. This last is also much more profitable to the authorities, therefore Brunstrom's decision looks rather cold and calculating.

Alan Douglas

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