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Trudie's Cleverest Green Answer

Dame Trudie Styler: : saving the world one private jet at a time

Alongside her husband, she founded the Rainforest Foundation in 1989, and has since expanded her role to include forthright attacks on oil giants and the urgent need to move beyond our dependency on this wretched fuel.
Naturally, this urgent need must be balanced with the urgent need to courier Trudie and her entourage of personal groomers to events that simply wouldn't be the same with out her – and I'm afraid it is her journey to last weekend's White House correspondents' dinner that has caused the latest controversy. To summarise, Trudie took a private jet from New York to Washington DC for the dinner. For the trip, she was accompanied by an eight-person entourage, which included her Manhattan-based hair guru – and there are those now questioning her integrity.

An outraged Trudie responded: "My life is to travel and my life is also to speak out about the horrors of an environment that is being abused at the hands of oil companies. I can't think of a cleverer answer than that."

How odd. Lost in Showbiz can't think of a stupider one. Then again, perhaps we simply lack Trudie's vision. In some ways she is profoundly consistent, having previously made the 80-mile journey to the home of fellow environmentalist Zac Goldsmith by helicopter.


It was the sheer extravangance of their wedding (her & "Sting") that put me right off the fraud. Fortunately I never liked Police's, and even less Sting's, music.

Gianni Versace kitted out the guests and was even present to garb the bride "into a work of art which took several workers forty-five days to create".

She arrived at the chapel on a white horse guided by the groom.

However, consciences were clear: the newlyweds offered their wedding attire at auction, with all proceeds of the sale going to The Rainforest Foundation.

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