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£59,000 for 89 houses in 4,500 acres - too much

Islanders' dreams of land ownership hit by £59,000 hitch - Scotsman.com News

A LANDMARK community takeover has been thrown into doubt because of difficulties in buying the land from the Scottish Government.... 4,500-acre estates of Borve, Luskentyre and Scaristavore ...89 houses...However, the deal has stalled with the government insisting it must pay the market value for the land and the community unable to afford the £59,000 asking price.

Yes - that is the asking price, and they are complaining that it is too much and they should just be given it by the taxpayer.... Anyone fancy a whip round so we can buy it and evict the moaners...


89 houses ... £59,000 ... £662 per house ... what a bunch of whiners!

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