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More on those smart meters

Government's smart-meter estimate falls short by £6bn, expert claims - Times Online
The Government has underestimated the cost of a nationwide rollout of smart meters by as much as £6.4 billion, according to Ernst & Young.
Last week ministers gave a green light to install 47 million new gas and electricity meters, which can monitor energy use in real time, in every household in Britain. They said that the project could be completed at a cost of between £7 billion to £9 billion, or an average of £269 to £346 per household.
Ernst & Young, the audit firm, has rejected that estimate, arguing that the true cost would be at least 49 per cent higher, at about £13.4 billion, or £515 per household.

All so Ed Miliband can watch and remotely control how much power you are using.


The meter man comes round (in my area almost monthly) not to check your meter, but to ensure you're still using it and haven't routed around. Electricity nowadays is a main expenditure, and so, the temptation to steal quite strong, unlike when it was not cheap but negligible enough as to not be motivating.

Hooking up a bypass is safe and easy and once the knowledge gets around, it's impossible to curb this theft, unless you put the meter men back and have them visit often and with access rights so the user cannot blag their way out of inspection. And even then, it's a logistic nightmare once the secret is out and the peasants no longer are in awe of the miracle, but know how this thing works and how to cheat it, and they'll get very creative about it too.

Still, you can look forward to a number of house fires and fried thieves due to this.

The other thing to consider is that it's impossible(still) to make anything tamper and hack proof that you do not have personal constant custody of, but I leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out potential consequences here...

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