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The Holy War against Salt

Salt levels must be cut further 'to reduce premature deaths', says FSA - Telegraph

The FSA warns that more than 20,000 Britons a year die prematurely because of the high level of salt in their diet.

The war against salt is almost evidence free and inexplicable unless you credit the idea that it is a war against pleasure.

Sandy has dealt with salt many times - check it out there.

So who is behind this latest scare promoted by the FSA? Step forward "Mike Rich, executive director of the Blood Pressure Association". Who they? Charity No: 1058944 The accounts are here. I haven't had time to read them fully, but it looks as though the majority of income doesn't come from concerned citizens but from the lottery, Dept of Health and the FSA.
Another one for the Fake Charities site?


These windowlickers make me so angry. They are just so ignorant. They refuse to understand the difference between salt as a flavouring agent and salt as a food preparation ingredient. For example, when you are making scrambled eggs, you put a pinch of salt in while whisking, not for flavour, but to retard premature protein coagulation. You add more salt at the table for flavour. But in the mind of the Levellers, all salt is evil and must be banned.

Similarly, the shrieking hysteria about trans fats has turned many beloved products into waxy, cardboard equivalents of their former selves (e.g digestives) and the groundless panic about nitrates is going to end up killing people with botulism.

If food does not have sufficient salt, it tastes unsatisfying and people end up eating more because of this. Bakers are already at the limit of what it technically feasible (salt is important to the process, not only the taste) and fulfilling the 2010 limits on salt will not be possible.

Besides that, people just reach for the salt cellar, duh... hmm, this said, how long do you think we have before one has to buy tubs of salt from the local smack dealer btw?

Another pet hate of mine are idiots who demand less or no packaging (see todays' Times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/jeremy_clarkson/article6301096.ece) -- if you pop a bowl of peanuts on a bar, after a very short while, said peanuts are totally contaminated with faeces and urine, because the sad fact is that most people don't wash their hands after they've been to the toilet, and non-packaged food used to be a leading cause of coliform infections and salmonella. Bon Appetite!

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