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Keeping the Jews out of Film

Film festival hands back Israeli cash after director Loach calls for boycott - Scotsman.com News

ORGANISERS of the Edinburgh International Film Festival have been forced to return a donation from the Israeli embassy after director Ken Loach waded into the funding row and called for people to boycott the event on political grounds.
A donation – believed to be in the region of £300 – was to have been used to pay travel costs to the capital for Tali Shalom Ezer, a graduate of the film and television department at Tel Aviv University, who directed a short feature film, Surrogate.
The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) threatened to picket screenings after the EIFF listed the Israeli embassy to the UK as one of its backers.
Mr Loach released a statement through the SPSC which read: "I'm sure many film-makers will be as horrified as I am to learn the Edinburgh International Film Festival is accepting money from Israel. The massacres and state terrorism in Gaza make this money unacceptable. With regret, I must urge all who might consider visiting the festival to show their support for the Palestinian nation and stay away."
The following day the EIFF – which has since been in talks with Mr Loach – did a U-turn. It said: "The EIFF are firm believers in free cultural exchange and do not wish to restrict film-makers' abilities to communicate artistically with international audiences on the basis that they come from a troubled regime.
"Although the festival is considered wholly cultural and apolitical, we consider the opinions of the film industry as a whole and, as such, accept that one film-maker's recent statement speaks on behalf of the film community, therefore we will be returning the funding issued by the Israeli embassy."

Might be news for Hollywood that the mouthpiece for the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign speaks for the film industry as a whole....


At least loach is consistent in being a filthy shit.

Tut! Tut! Language, sir.
It was impossible to keep sport and politcs separate in the case of apartheid South Africa. It will turn out simliarly with Israeli apartheid and its search for respectability in the cultural sphere, while its bulldozers continue their grisly work of ethnic cleansing across the West Bank. Some people, of course, cared not a whit for freedom in South Africa, and their counterparts today are indifferent to, or even supporters of, Israeli crimes in Palestine.

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