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Policing the Streets of Swanage

Police warn footballer not to run through seaside town in underpants - Telegraph

Swanage Town and Herston striker Jamie Holland lost the wager that he would be the season's top goal scorer and as a punishment he is supposed to jog into the Dorset resort in his underwear.

When police heard about the stunt however they told the club not to do it...Inspector Chris Weeks, told the Dorset Echo: "A Police Community Support Officer with the Swanage Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team spoke with the club.

"He explained that good natured events of this type have the potential of getting out of hand and he advised the club the runner should wear shorts."

Our streets are safe again, thank goodness.


Christ...so TODAY, what's underwear -- and what ain't?

Some of these cops over here are just as bad sometimes and have too much time on their hands between Tasering and shooting to death various mentally ill people in Old Mankato, MN, that the Liberals have let run around loose. "Independent living" it's called. And dying, too.

Professionals...ya gotta just love 'em!

Will Dorset's finest seek to dissuade the users of Swanage's lovely sandy beach from wearing swimwear as well?

To clarify my previous comment, there is a nudist beach at nearby Studland where people do not wear swimwear. I meant that beach users should wear burkhas or similar sharia approved dress instead of, or as well as, swimwear to satisfy the Swanage mutaween.

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