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Pikey Pie?

Crime Central - Times Online - WBLG: Anne Owers demands ethnic food for Travellers in HMP Parkhurst

In Parkhurst nick on the Isle of Wight Dame Anne Owers, the chief inspector of prisons, found a significant number of Travellers whom she urged four years ago should be treated as separate ethnic group.
But in an unannounced inspection last year Dame Anne discovered that the prison had not met her recommendation apart from in one area - the catering manager had a plan to introduce some specific dishes for them. So just what do Travellers eat that the rest of us don't? Will Heston Blumenthal be called in to do for Parkhurst what he did for Little Chef? We've asked for recipes....


Hedgehog - they eat hedgehog.
Whack 'em on the head (the hedgehogs that is - not the pikeys ..although hitting pikeys is more satisfying) gut 'em, then bake them in clay, preferably wrapped in foil with wild garlic, for an hour (add 15 mins if it's a big hog) in the red hot ashes of a wood fire. When the clay cools, peel it off and the spines will come away. You can wrap some spuds in foil and bake them in the same ashes too.. Consume with shoplifted booze.

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