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Salmond All Wind and No Power

Wind boss calls for atomic mix - Scotsman.com News

NUCLEAR power must be part of the energy mix for the future, according to the man behind Europe's largest onshore wind farm, which the First Minister officially opened yesterday.
Speaking at the launch of the Whitelee wind farm in East Renfrewshire, Ignacio Galán, chairman and chief executive of Iberdrola, Scottish Power's Spanish parent company, said nuclear power and renewable sources had to be complimentary.
His willingness to build new nuclear reactors puts him at odds with Alex Salmond's SNP administration, which has ruled out the construction of new stations in Scotland.

Of course Salmond doesn't have to worry about the lights going out when the wind doesn't blow, they will just suck some juice up from south of the border whilst droning on about how green Scotland is..


I normally agree with a lot of your posts, but on this you're a tad off base, matey.

Actually, if Scotland achieves independence, it'd be England coming to us wanting power (not to mention water). With it's far larger population, England's energy needs are much higher. With the North Sea oil reserves, it's huge offshore and onshore wind farms, the hydroelectric dams (and even coal, although that's not too green, I'll admit) Scotland would be one of the world's largest net energy exporters (per capita).
England on the other hand....
Well, let's just say out of a sense of good-neighbourly-ness, despite comments such as yours, I'll be the first to start a hat-passing 'round the neighbourhood for the "Keep England's lights burning" whipround when Labour have totally screwed things up, you can't afford the French nuclear stations and you've no oil or gas left....

Oh, and I meant to say...
" lights going out when the wind doesn't blow"
Never been to Scotland, have you?

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