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Glasgow Class Warfare

'Class warrior' MP says rules will leave him out of pocket

A SCOTTISH MP who claimed almost £90,000 in second homes allowances over the past four years – only £30 below the maximum permitted – yesterday complained that the emergency rules being brought in to clean up parliament would leave him out of pocket.
Ian Davidson, the Labour MP for Glasgow South West, who is famed for his "class war" attacks on the rich, said he wished he had a larger mortgage on his London flat so he could claim more in allowances.
He claimed £87,699 in the four years to 2007-8 – only £30 below the £87,729 maximum permitted. His claims included £5,500 to have his London flat renovated by a handyman friend – whom he later took shooting at an annual Commons v Lords competition – and almost £1,500 on reclining furniture.
He said: "I think what we have probably done now is change the rules in a way that will advantage the rich classes...."

Only a lump of coal to suck on to stave off the hunger pangs, my heart bleeds for him, as I expect do those of his poor bloody constituents.


I don't know if you'll like this or not.

Yep Jon Stewart has dubbed the expenses fiasco "Scamalot"

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