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A flutter after a drinkypoo - whoops.

A trader has been banned from the City for taking out a huge $10 million bet and concealing it from his superiors after a three and a half hour alcoholic lunch - Times Online

Haven't we all been there? What's up with the modern puritans running the place when a chap gets punished for upholding the traditions of the city. He didn't go running to nanny claiming a big boy made him do it, no, he kept quiet, popped a couple of Alka-Seltzer and "traded out of his position for a small profit the next morning". How unlike our MPs who don't put right their mistakes with other people's money until nudged by the cattle prod of public indignation, and then only grudgingly with little risk to their well being.


That would never happen Over here, because everyone in Corporate America has to take a "voluntary" breathalyzer test after lunch, for our own protection of course...

I exaggerate, but only slightly.

I have done many things after alcoholic lunches, but having access to funds like that would be dangerous. I will stick to practical jokes in the office.

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