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And the Forecast is.....

Met Office says new super-computer will give more accurate forecasts - Times Online
Yesterday, however, the Met Office unveiled a £33 million super-computer that it hopes will be able to do the job with a little more precision.

The IBM machine is more powerful than 100,000 standard PCs combined. For the technically minded, that means it will have a speed of one petaflop, placing it among the world’s top 20 most powerful computers. It is capable of performing 125 trillion calculations per second. It will use 1.2 megawatts of power, enough for a small town, provoking criticism from environmentalists. Although the machine was switched on this week, it will take two months to boot up fully and will not be running at peak performance until after an upgrade in 2011.

Bank holiday weekend will bring a taste of summer, but rain is coming - Times Online
There will be a real taste of summer for anyone heading outdoors over much of Britain this holiday weekend — although there could be a sting in the tail on Monday.
For most of the UK the weekend will be warm and dry, and some places could have the highest temperatures of the year, up to 24C (75F).
But on Bank Holiday Monday the weather picture may flip completely. Although the forecasters at the Met Office are still uncertain, a damp squib seems to be in store.
North Wales and northern England should have a pleasant day of sunshine but the rest of the country is likely to be cloudy, humid and wet. The South East may be particularly wet as a band of rain drives up from the Channel with up to around 9mm (0.35in) rainfall expected.

Two months to boot up, is it a Babbage Steam powered one? No wonder they can't tell us the weather for Monday yet.


When I was a dinosaur herder (IBM Mainframe Operator) the system, a 3090-200J, took just over half a day to IPL. (Initial Program Load).
I would assume that this system is actually a sort of cluster and as such it'll take an age to IPL each individual frame, get it talking to the rest of the herd and so on... That and the sort of power surge from cranking the whole thing up at the same time would be horrendous!

How ever many PetaFlops you have, it's still Garbage In, Garbage Out.

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