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Sheep Duvet Lifters

'Stop eating lamb and drinking beer if you want to save the planet' - Telegraph

A Government-sponsored study into greenhouse gases has found that producing 2.2lbs of lamb was the equivalent of releasing 37lbs of carbon dioxide. Lamb produces so much carbon dioxide because sheep belch so much methane (sic), which is a potent greenhouse gas.
The study also found that alcoholic drinks contribute significantly to emissions..

I have feeling this research consists of sticking their head round the door of a student flat the morning after a lamb biryani and lager night...


If they ban sheep from drinking beer that will be the final straw for Welsh pubs after (in)temperance and the smoking ban.

Looks like Lamb Rogan Josh washed down with lager is order of the day.

How much C02 is released by bean-munching vegetarians?

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