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Bishop Bashes Pope on Climate Change

Bishop Hill alerts us to the latest lecture in The Times pushing Climate Change by one Frank Pope.
The Bish points out Frank has swanned around the world burning up fossil fuels and calls him a hypocrite.

But let's have a look at his Papal Bull

Unprecedented international collaboration is also necessary to secure a future for renewable energy generation, which is acutely sensitive to geography. By building smart grids that transmit energy for long distances with little loss, wind farms and solar power arrays can be sited where the wind blows and the sun shines hardest.

Nimby, of course somewhere over the rainbow the weather is always perfect for wind and sun and if the lights go out it is just because we haven't built enough power lines through the wildernesses to get to that promised land.


This is beautiful, smart grids will now defeat Ohms Law. Gustav would have been shocked. Using a DC grid as China are increasingly doing using Siemens of course, well GEC and AEI have all gone, will save about 17% ofr the loss and then have to convert to AC for town distribution.

What Brian said.

"smart grids that transmit energy for long distances with little loss"

Jeebus. Because nobody ever thought of that before...

If it were so easy does he think we wouldn't be doing it already?

It's not the stupidity I mind, it's the way they think everybody ELSE is stupid too.

'Pope bashes bishop', on the other hand, would have been a platitude.

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