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DOA doesn't affect the bonuses

Patients forced to wait hours in ambulances parked outside A&E departments
An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has found that thousands of 999 patients are being left to wait in ambulances in car parks and holding bays, or in hospital corridors – in some cases for more than five hours – before they can even join the queue for urgent treatment.
Experts warn that hospitals are deliberately delaying when they accept patients – or are diverting them to different sites – in order to meet Government targets to treat people within fours hours of admitting them.

That is what happens when targets rule and sense goes out the window. The Englishman's top health tip of the day - avoid ambulances. "Scoop and Go" - review the literature, ask any doctor, just get to the hospital as fast you can. Don't let the paramedics "Stay and Play", get bleeding all over the hospital floor and they won't let you die in reception as it ruins their results.


Increasingly, nothing works.

Important, but months old: and it was suppsed to have been fixed by now...

Nit - please do not blame this on paramedics (EMT personnel) who are quite disgusted with being parked in Hospital lots with a patient having a hangnail and prevented from responding to heart attacks, automobile crashes... This is a government measure, supposedly to decrease times spent in emergency waiting areas, forcing impossible compliance standards on the hospitals (no additional staff, equipment, whatever - but halve time waiting for equipment, rooms, staff etc) who quickly started not allowing potential patients into the physical plant until scant resources could be allocated.

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