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Mandy complains of cheapness of jibes

New revelations pile pressure on Darling - Scotsman.com News

Mr Darling, who earlier faced Liberal Democrat calls to quit after being "caught with his fingers in the till", was again the subject of further revelations.
Mr Cable used his column in a Sunday newspaper to demand the Chancellor's scalp, writing: "Here is the company finance director caught with his fingers in the till.
"He doesn't explain. He doesn't apologise. He just blames his colleagues for not stopping him. His moral authority has vanished. He must go, now. We need a Chancellor focusing on the national accounts rather than his own. There are some urgent economic questions to address."
Joining the demands, Mr Clegg said: "As Chancellor, Alistair Darling occupies a very special position in government. He needs to enjoy the public's trust when it comes to issues of financial probity, of money, of managing our nation's finances.
"And given that very unique responsibility that he has, it's simply impossible for him to continue in that role when such very major question marks are being raised about his financial affairs."

The pair were accused of descending to "cheap jibes" by Trade Secretary Lord Mandelson.

Is it only the Lib Dems who want Darling to go? And only the squeaky clean Mandy who defends him. Interesting times.


I didn't realise they could claim expenses on grace and favour homes. That would seem... shifty.

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