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Crooks want to redefine crime

We need a new constitution for Britain — and the debate has begun
For the first time since the suffragettes, constitutional reform has become a popular issue....

No it hasn't, the insiders like to chatter and play with transferable alternative tampon stuffing chad dropping systems to see if their beloved party could scam a few more seats and individual MPs can avoid being held personally responsible to electors. The problem isn't the system, the problem is the crooks. When there is a surge in burglary you don't need a convention on the importance of private property and its liberation, you don't need to redefine burglars as community equality outreach operatives you just need to bang them up. The same with MPs, don't be distracted by the smoke and mirrors of it being a constitutional crisis; it has nothing to do with the constitution, everything to do with individual behaviour.


And exactly how popular was constitutional reform six months ago?! Honestly, what a ridiculous statement.

Proportional representation becomes suddenly interesting for parties in third or fourth place. Fortunately I don't think the British public is stupid enough to fall for the desperate PM's latest trick.

Really ? When the ship of state lurches between the 2 main parties with nowhere else to go ?

I would imagine the UK has a lot of disenfranchised, disillusioned and pissed off voters.

Are you sure there's nothing better ?

How about the lovable Swiss for example ? Ever had a look at their system ?

Impertinent of me, a Kiwi, to comment I know, but the mother of democracy may need some evolutionary change...

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