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Sunny day yesterday and the kids had a day off school so I started early and finished at 11 in the morning, back home for the full English, two rashers of bacon, sausage, fried egg and fried bread, washed down with strong tea. Then out for lunch, roast beef, chocolate nemeses pudding with lashings of cream, washed down with several pints of IPA. Back home for a bit of strenuous work in the garden in the sun. I must have strained something as I had to retire to the sofa of sloth with a tight pain across my chest, could hardly move so a couple of aspirin and off to bed. I must have slept strangely with my head crushing my hand as I awoke all numb in my left arm and couldn't bear to do any typing. But all seems to be fine now..

UPDATE - under the threat of extreme violence I did go the Docs for check up, the CGT showed my heart is as flinty as ever but keep an eye on it...


Hope you are feeling better now and enjoyed your day out.

possible heart attack?

Tightness across the chest and left arm numbness are both signs of a heart attack.

That desert isn't called the nemesis pudding for nothing you know...

Those could be signs of a heart attack, as others have suggested. In fact, it's fairly good odds. It may be all fine and good for you to ignore it, but if something happened to you, where-o-where would we stay when we visit England?? Please get it checked.

So they're signs of a heart attack.

A survey of doctors several years ago showed that, given the choice, a heart attack was how the majority of them wanted to go. Quick and trouble-free. No hanging about with dementia et al.

We recently lost a friend a few doors down. Marvellous lad - Scottish engineer, worked on the bouncing bomb tests. One minute he was in the garden raking up leaves for a bonfire, the next we were walking his coffin into the cemetery. You can always do with a few more years, but there's a lot to be said for it coming out of the blue...

Sorry to read about this; you looked fine when I saw you on Sunday. (Kenneth, my brother, had a similarly weird incident about a year ago and that was ultimately undiagnosed.) Once we are over 40 we're (all) in danger zone unfortunately so I hope you take it seroiusly. Very impressed by these early morning and late night posts! Are you getting enough sleep?

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