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Chipmunk Trouble

MPs' expenses: cabinet meltdown as Jacqui Smith heads resignations - Telegraph
It was unclear who leaked the news of her departure which was only known by two other people in Cabinet, including the Prime Minister. The other is likely to have been Hazel Blears, a friend of Miss Smith. Last night a Whitehall source said that the news may well have been leaked by someone who wants to “destabilise Gordon Brown”. Miss Blears fell out of favour with the Prime Minister, after writing an article in which she mocked his recent appearance on YouTube. He then criticised her publicly for failing to pay capital gains tax on the sale of her second home. She later repaid £13,000. She is also widely expected to be demoted in the reshuffle or sacked. One senior Labour figure said: “Hazel should wait until Friday morning then announce she’s leaving the Cabinet and standing for the leadership.”

I'm sure Iain will be pleased but can anyone else read that idea of Blears standing as a candidate without giggling? It shows the utter chaos and desperation that the Government is in.



You are being heightist - Blears is a lady of stature, raging head and shoulders above a cabinet whose every other member is a pig-me, with the exception of the PM, who is as the shit they are all shoveling.

Alan Douglas

I note the Honourable (or is it Right Honourable?) Ms Hazel Blears has resigned from Cabinet just before PMQs and the day before an election.


So, Ms Blears and the PM knew.

Telephone, telegraph, tell-a-woman.

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