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4th June Elections - The Real Issue

Forget wanting to punish our parties for corruption, for incompetence or out of loathing. The real issue in European elections is Europe. Cameron is wishy-washy on it as he tries to hold the Tories together on it. The Lib-dems are beyond the pale in this regard. The fringe parties are either irrelevant or nasty and if you are even fleetingly thinking of voting Labour then nurse will be along soon with some medication. UKIP may not be the sort of people you would want to invite to dinner, with one or two notable exceptions, but tomorrow I will lend them my vote.


Me also. Jut as I did last time. It beats me why it has taken so long to understand the democratic hole which is the EU.

You are assuming that Labour voters are even going to allow themselves to be identified. I very much doubt that anyone will be pinning a red rosette on in public over the next few days.

Thank you kind sir - I just hope lots of other people do!

Both Cameron and Hague have over the last two days publicly stated that we should be in the EU. So that ends the speculation as to what "we will not leave it there" means. They seem to think (oxymoron?) that they can bring about reform, which shows either a lack of understanding or they are lying, again. So no surprise there then!


Have you forgotten what the Conservative's did to this country in the 70's and 80's?

Do me a favour - you're not going to be allowed to ruin this country again -


I remember very well what it was like in the seventies B.M. (before Maggie) - Scargill and other union gangsters conspiring to bring the country to its knees (under orders from Moscow Central). A feeble Labour government under Callaghan making absurd pay awards to the miners, Danegeld it was, so that inflation went through the roof. 40% it was. I remember the 3 day working week; the power cuts, the binmen on strike with rubbish piling in the streets and rats running everywhre. I remember Callaghan with his muppet cabinet going cap in hand to the IMF like we were a banana republic, as indeed we were.

In 1979 Margaret Thatcher began the reversal of what was thought to be an irreversible decline. She put in place the seeds of a sound economy which that shyster Blair reaped the benefit of and which that Scottish idiot Brown has sine squandered.

Russell Collins you are either a nutter or a liar.

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