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Time to vote


... errr ... ummmm ... I'm guessing now - were all those heavies EU enforcers ?

I dread to think what amount of our taxes went in producing this rubbish !

Alan Douglas

I'm with Alan Douglas on this.

Eurocrats may have found these playlets amusing, but to the skeptic, they are more revealing than amusing. There is a concept of anarcho-tyranny which applies to governments that fail or refuse to fulfill their duty to protect their law-abiding citizens, but instead harass and exploit their law-abiding citizens and leave the criminals alone. To me, these commercials forecast anarcho-tyranny under EU rule. They say: "We don't care what kinds of crimes are committed against you, or how much destruction and suffering our policies cause, we will go on with establishing our bureaucratic hegemony--which you will pay for--and nothing will stop us."

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