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Guilty of future criminality

Police 'arrest innocent youths for their DNA', officer claims - Telegraph

Officers are targeting children as young as 10 with the aim of placing their DNA profiles on the national database to improve their chances of solving crimes, it is claimed.
The alleged practice is also described as part of a "long-term crime prevention strategy" to dissuade youths from committing offences in the future.
A Metropolitan Police officer made the claims after figures were released showing that 386 under-18s had their DNA taken and stored by police last year in Camden, north London.
The officer said: "Have we got targets for young people who have not been arrested yet? The answer is yes. But we are not just waiting outside schools to pick them up, we are acting on intelligence.
"It is part of a long-term crime prevention strategy. If you know you have had your DNA taken and it is on a database then you will think twice about committing burglary for a living.
"We are often told that we have just one chance to get that DNA sample and if we miss it then that might mean a rape or a murder goes unsolved in the future."

I seem to remember measuring the shapes of noses had a similar rationale.


That's just fucking outrageous. New Zealand never looked more enticing.

"We are often told that we have just one chance to get that DNA sample and if we miss it then that might mean a rape or a murder goes unsolved in the future."

This is the misguided logic of the precautionary principle in action. Using rape and murder to justify their behaviour is disgusting.

They believe there is merit for people to be on the database 'just in case' which can only have one conclusion - we all must go on it. Murderers and rapists can come from any section of society and with or without previous.

Perhaps more importantly it demonstrates Police are concered with solving crimes that haven't happened rather than preventing them. They justify the illegal collection and retention of data on the grounds it could help them solve a crime that hasn't happened. We have got the same result from CCTV. Sold to the public as a preventative measure in a very limited set of circumstances it can be used proactively, but it mostly just displaces crime or is used afterwards to help solve a crime or persuade a suspect to admit their guilt.

The FBI asserts that it recovered DNA samples from everyone on the alleged jetliner which they would have us believe evaporated inside the Pentagon as of 9/11. That is -- jet engines and 12" diameter steel axles vapourized at not much more than 600 degrees, but DNA survives intact. For everyone.

It is, of course, the simplest of tricks, to take "comparison" samples, divide them into two lots, one as the "comparison" samples and another, the "scene of the crime" samples, and then to have a DNA test which shows 100% positive. That people can be convicted on such evidence (as they have been, for so long, on the fragile basis of such contaminated "evidence" is about as surprising as the "discovery" of planted half-bricks in peoples' pockets.


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