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Hunting shops given knife deadline - Scotsman.com News

HUNTING shops and other outlets selling non-domestic knives have been given 12 months to get a licence under a government crackdown on knife crime.
Window displays of knives will be banned, and retailers will have to keep a record of knives sold and of how they checked the age of the purchaser...
Fiona Moriarty, director of the Scottish Retail Consortium, said: "We were originally concerned about the definition of non-domestic knives but we now know the regulations won't apply to the vast majority of items sold by mainstream retailers.
"But there are other retailers where items are being sold for one purpose – to maim, harm or injure."

Piper Bill Millin is in France today remembering


Dangerous knives? Ones that cannot hold an edge or have the break strain of a KitKat are dangerous. The rest are simply tools! You can efficiently stab somebody with a variety of "household" appliances which form the above, clearly will not be "controlled"(for good reasons, I do not propose to elaborate here.) This has all the hallmarks of another "Bansturbation" episode of "Something must be done, I am doing something, therefore no matter how stupid it actually is we "Liberals" have again showed how little we respect the public who are too stupid to realise that only we know what is good for them". Naturally, the law abiding public are expected to provide details of their purchases to the Geheimstatspolizei representative... As for items being sold specifically "To harm, maim or injure" this really is childish. How people walk into any shop and state "Is this one good for maiming?".
It will be as effective as the ban on handguns that has ensured that the streets are safe for criminals but nobody else.

I rushed out and bought a new knife today.

Calling all police officers...


Please come round my house so...I can put it in an appropriate place.

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