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Milf Flint Sparks As Balls Chokes As Mandy Power Grabs Brown's Inner Ring

A Downing Street insider claims that Ed Balls “went nuclear” as the prime minister wavered over whether to make him chancellor
“Ed thinks Mandelson ran a covert campaign to stop him. He thinks Peter advised Darling on how to handle everything. He went nuclear and warned Gordon that if he didn’t get the job he wouldn’t cooperate with Peter any more,” the insider said.
No 10 fiercely denied a rift, saying suggestions of “any tension” between the two men were “completely untrue”. The denial was echoed by a spokesman for Mandelson.

Meanwhile Caroline Flint, the former minister of state for Europe, has launched a new attack on the prime minister.
In an excoriating article for The Sunday Times, Flint, who resigned on Friday, lashes out at the chauvinism of the No 10 cabal, accusing Brown of “utter hypocrisy”.

Put a bottle on ice - I think a long happy read of the Sunday papers is coming up.


Ha! ha! ha! ha! It's all unravelling! About bleedin' time ah?
You know what people say about back-stabbing, using, two-faced cunts though. When it all goes wrong they all turn on each other. Let the fun carry on.
It just goes to show what narcissistic cunts they all are. How the hell did WE let THEM run our f*ckin' country? Yes, I am talking about ENGLAND! See how easy it is to say ENGLAND Brown, you w*nker?

Admit it: you stole the title of this post from one of Jacqboots' racier films!

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