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2012 - The Big Brother Games

BRITISH police are studying Chinese-style surveillance tactics as they prepare security for the 2012 London Olympics, a leaked Scotland Yard report has revealed.
The report, marked “restricted”, reveals that among the “Big Brother” tactics deployed at last summer’s Beijing Games was the installation of miniature microphones in thousands of taxis.
The bugs transmitted passengers’ conversations to a police control room. There, officers could activate disabling devices to stop the cabs if they suspected criminal activity.
The 44-page police report says there are “lessons to be learnt” from China’s use of digital surveillance. But it warns: “The fine balance between the use of technology to support security requirements and individual rights to privacy will be an open debate in the UK for 2012.”

Can anyone think of a single good thing coming out of these Games?


Well, I guess this is about as clear a sign as you can get: the cops are researching communist methods of oppression. It doesn't look good.


And once those microphones and disabling devices have been installed, will they ever be removed?

Yes, that's a rhetorical question, we all know the answer.

A more pertinent one would be "how long before this is a requirement in private vehicles too?" Starting with private hire vehicles (cabs that are not really cabs) of course.

I guess it goes without saying that the system will include tobacco smoke detectors.

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