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Dongle Mating Worries

My USB broadband dongle stopped working. Plug it in and the computer doesn't know it is there, a bit like a night at the Milibands where the question of "Is it in yet?" is often heard. Tried it on two other computers and the same, no "da-dum". Its fried.
First hour on tech support with Vodafone show that the Sim card and software is OK, I knew that. I was left on hold for twenty minutes. Second hour, I tried to tell them the problem but it wouldn't compute but eventually I was told to take it to a Vodafone shop for it to be tested. Off to bloody town, pay through the nose to park, wait in the shop behind one dim breeder with her screaming kids who spends twenty minutes deciding whether to buy the £20 or £30 phone. As she finishes a scowling muffin top tart waddles in, pushes past me and demands her repaired phone, which wasn't as the stupid bint had spilt her Barcadi Breezer over it and it wasn't insured. Cue another twenty minutes as she tries to comprehend she needs to offer to pay for the repair before they will do it.
Finally I get to the counter where the charming girl reads my service record and says there is no way they can test it in the shop but she will record it doesn't work on my say so.
Hurray! I can get back on the road again. Can she give me an exchange unit? No. I then have to ring up Vodafone and go through it all again with a bizarre American accented person to whom English was a third language. Forty minutes later she has agreed to organise a replacement. Which I will get an email about sometime today, maybe, though as I haven't got mobile Internet access that is a lot of use to me.
Don't expect much internet contact from me today, and that large cloud of black smoke just off the Newbury bypass as Vodafone HQ burns to the ground is nothing to do with me, OK.


I notice my voda shares dropped slightly this morning...anything to do with you?

Don't worry. we were in the pub all day, remember? ;-)


In Seattle (Microsoft, unless they go off-shore because of new taxes) you may buy parking from the City - and be fined and towed. And no, they do not intend to fix it.


As to Vodaphone shop unable to test - what, no computers with an empty USB slot in the whole building? OK, not a very technical test which could determine cause or how to repair, but still...

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