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Love Thy Neighbour

Middle-class drinkers in their homes are as bad as riotous youths, says bishop - Telegraph
Bishop Gladwin, a former social responsibility secretary for the Church, called for a new approach to the problem, which he said was caused by "growing prosperity".

"While do we have a significant problem among young people, not least the binge drinking that breaks out onto our streets, that is not the issue," he said.

"Growing prosperity is behind the rise in alcoholism. We now go out and buy our wine for the weekend."

The bishop said that it was unfair to draw attention to young and poorer people getting drunk in public when they are also having too much alcohol, but in the privacy of their own homes.

"Often poorer people in society haven't got the protection – the safety of jobs and homes – so when young people do go out clubbing it's all very public, whereas for older people you can collapse at home at the weekend and have levels of alcohol consumption that are just as bad."

You collapsing at home after a couple of glasses of vino too many isn't any of my business, it doesn't impinge on me. Being a violent noisy drunk on my street late at night does. Is it so hard to see the difference? The key is that the Bish doesn't like "prosperity" and people being able to choose what they want to do. How much better life would be if the flock would obey the man in the pointy hat with the crook.


"We now go out and buy our wine for the weekend." Just for the weekend? What a wuss.

"Don't drink the wine!"
It's the Bishop!

GRowing prosperity? No worries, the government will soon be taking enough of any earned income that noone will be able to afford to buy alcohol. Only those getting money directly from the government.

Don't you mean "the crook in the pointy hat"?

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