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The Englishman's Patent Guaranteed Diet

Don't be a silly sausage with diets – soya banger can beat the bulge - Scotsman.com News
Scientists have found that if they eat high-protein foods then people do not get as hungry. The exact reason is not known, but it is thought a protein triggers particular signals from the gut to the brain that it is full. The weight lost on a high-protein diet is fat instead of muscle or water.

And if healthier high protein food does the same thing then it could be the Holy Grail of the diet world – hence the soya sausages, bacon and meatballs.

Dr Alex Johnstone, from the Rowett's Metabolic Health Group, is running experiments to see if vegetable-based proteins such as soya work as well as dairy and meat. If successful it could result in a high-protein weight loss plan diet that is healthier and more environmentally-friendly.

Soya sausages? A sure fire way for me to loose weight as I would rather eat the bloody packaging. If Dr Alex would forget for a moment trying to be green and bunny hugging she would just endorse The Englishman's Patent Guaranteed Diet - If you feel peckish a bit of decent Cheddar and a slice or two of salami gives you the mouth feel of fattiness that satisfies and the protein that tells the blood stream that the tummy is full. Bloat yourself up with rabbit food and the brain will continue to cry out for real food.


Well you have to be careful with soy products. The raw stuff has a chemical in it that mimics estrogen. Some body builders won't go anywhere near it these days. Of course to much estrogen could explain the behavior of a lot of the vegan and vegetarian twits, twats, and half twits.

So, "Scientists have found that if they eat high-protein foods then people do not get as hungry.". How about if I stopped eating high protien foods? Would people get hungry again, or is their hunger entirely dependant on what scientists eat.

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