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Osbourne and the C word

It's ridiculous to pretend there won't be cuts | George Osborne - Times Online
We, like Labour politicians, have fought shy of using the “c” word - cuts. We've all been tip-toeing around one of those discredited Gordon Brown dividing lines for too long. The real dividing line is not “cut versus investment”, but honesty versus dishonesty. We should have the confidence to tell the public the truth that Britain faces a debt crisis; that existing plans show that real spending will have to be cut, whoever is elected; and that the bills of rising unemployment and the huge interest costs of a soaring national debt mean that many government departments will face budget cuts. These are statements of fact and to deny them invites ridicule.

A hint of plain speaking, a welcome sign. What I really want to hear is that he intends to be as Alaric and his Visigoths in 410 AD. I want to hear that the bureaucracies of Whitehall and Brussels are to be sacked and burnt....




You think he can do anything about Brussels?

Dream on.

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